The additional services are MoldFlow analysis, structural FEM analysis and reverse engineering performed in cooperation with leading service providers in South and Central Europe. Creation of measuring strategy and sale of universal or custom measurement fixtures in metal.


MoldFlow analysis is simulation of injection molding process used in plastic component construction, construction and optimization of injection molding tools and injection molding production process optimization and troubleshooting. Analysis can be performed as simple (by part adviser or mold adviser) or complex (midplane, fusion or 3D). While simple analysis is limited to quick evaluation of cavity fill, finding optimum gate position, sink marks and welding lines, the complex analysis addresses also warpage, deformation, cooling, runner balance and many other options.

Structural FEM analysis is used when we want to mechanically analyze products already in development phase and where real-life experiments on components are too expensive or impossible. It is also use for optimization of the components in relation to wall thickness (reduction of product weight), address the choice of material etc.

The structural FEM analysis capabilities are:

  • static and dynamic analyses of products, assemblies and kinematic devices
  • analyses of thermal and thermo-mechanical loads
  • analyses of eigen values and frequency response
  • computational fluid (CFD) analyses
  • analyses of buckling
  • non-linear analyses (large deformation theory, geometrical and material non-linearity)
  • precise analyses of fiber reinforced materials (Moldflow + Abaqus)

Measuring fixture manufacturing

AgramTech offers a range of fixturing from universal fixturing sets for both tactile coordinate measuring machines as well as optical measuring system to custom-built measuring fixtures and combination of the two solutions. The custom-built measuring fixtures can again build in metal tooling or manufactured by additive manufacturing as well as combination of these two technologies.

Custom-made metal measuring fixture.
Custom-made metal polymer measuring fixture.
Rapid manufactured measuring fixture.