Additive manufacturing services, provided by AgramTech’s partners in Croatia and Germany, can be divided into:

  • Rapid prototyping of components that will be either mockups or functional models that are used to evaluate the future component.
  • Rapid tooling of injection molding inserts that will be implemented in standard tool base and depending of volume of necessary plastic components manufactured in such insert, the inserts can be manufactured in plastic or metal version
  • Rapid manufacturing of components or fixtures that will be used for measuring of components by touch probe or visual coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

There is a range of technologies used for these services but most common are:

  • Selective laser sintering of plastics or metal (SLS) where thin layer of plastic or metal powder is melted/sintered by laser on previous sintered layer and after that a new layer of plastic/metal powder is placed on top it and whole process is repeated until component is created. Then the residual powder is removed and only thing that is remains is the component with support structure. This technology is used for rapid prototyping of components and manufacturing of grippers for robotic arms.

  • Polymer printing and jetting (polyjet) technology is additive manufacturing process where curable polymer build and support material is applied by printing head in layers and cured at the same time with UV-lamp in printer head. The process is applicable both for manufacturing of rapid prototypes, rapid tooling of polymer cavity inserts and measuring fixtures.

  • Fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology is layer-by-layer deposition of thermoplastic polymer that is supplied to printer head in form of filament (extruded wire). The technology is widespread in various versions and can be used both as rapid manufacturing/modeling and rapid prototyping method.
Hybrid  of industrial material extrusion and material jetting printer
3D printed robot gripper.
Plastic injection molding tool cavity insert.
Rapid prototype of medical device.
Rapid manufactured measuring fixture.