Consulting services related to running-in and validation according cGMP of injection molding production, troubleshooting and optimizing of the existing injection molding production process. The running-in is performed according to G&A method for systematic running and can be performed in connection with commissioning of injection molding tool i.e. factory acceptance test (FAT)/site acceptance test (SAT) as well as process validation.

The troubleshooting is based on optical method of inspection of parts under microscope by applying various filters during inspection of samples. This method is applicable for investigation of Diesel effect, entrapped air or microcracks affected areas of plastic component that are not detectable by naked eye.

Consulting services in finding contract manufacturing partner of plastic components, from prototype and pilot production to manufacturing in controlled environment production as well as clean room class 8.

Injection molding with robot extraction of the parts.
Injection molding in plastic cavity inserts.
White room for production.
Clean room class 8.