Successful creation of injection molding tool starts with creation of good mold specification. This service is also provided by AgramTech based on 20 years long experience in injection molding. The basic of the mold specification communication between the component designer, tool designer and tool manufacturer and clear definition of component requirements that will be subsequently implemented into mold design.

Project management in commissioning of injection molding tools is also one of services provided by AgramTech and it does not matter if the tool is manufactured by customer’s chosen toolmaker or by some of AgramTech’s toolmaking partners.

AgramTech toolmaking partners can provide:

  • Standard production tools for manufacturing of technical and medical device components;
  • Metal tool cavity inserts for initial production or small volume production, available both in aluminum and soft steel.
  • Plastic test tool cavity inserts that are used for production up to 100 parts (depending of material that is molded inside of the tool insert).
Multi cavity injection molding tool.
Milling of the cavity insert.
Aluminum prototype tool.
Aluminum cavity sliders for prototype tool